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It's not about East or West.
It's about niggaz and bitches, power and money, riders and punks.
Which side are you on?

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Turtledynamics. #getslutty

Turtledynamics. #getslutty

The Odyssey. #gmob #keytar #Fairfax #nova

The Odyssey. #gmob #keytar #Fairfax #nova

Sup baby. Come #getslutty at redzone (at redzone)

Sup baby. Come #getslutty at redzone (at redzone)

what are these bumps that are all over the back of my head?!

did i share a hat that had crabs or spiders or herpes or aids on it or something?

i want my misha


these feelings are just getting stronger with time apart.

ugh. the situation was totally reversed a year ago too.

what is happening?

i’m so… bleh

i’m in love with this girl and she’s so far away and we’ve been dealing with this separation for so long but dammit i just find myself loving her more and more and i’m scared that she’ll meet someone else and i’ll lose my love and my best friend.



i just want to be with the person i love. but who knows if they’ll ┬ábe there when our paths can realign.

aw, that’s kind of a bummer

aw, took out ladyfriends trash. found old used condoms underneath bag. i hope they’re moderately old. aw. still, benefit of doubt





spending time with the woman that i love next week

omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg yessssssssssssss <3